More from my Art Class

We did a few more snowscapes and then tried a seascape before the class as it was adjourned.  The writers went back to writing and the younger two resumed their ancient history studies.  But I was having too much fun to stop so we found a new time slot and made it a non-mandatory subject.  For this Daisy project I had four students.

We started with a sketch of a pineapple concentrating on the negative space, ie. we had to draw the pineapple by shading in the background not by sketching a pineapple.  This helped us look at the space the pineapple took up rather than the pineapple itself.  After that we did the same thing with a daisy, using an image on the computer as our model.  Instead of shading in the background with a pencil we painted in the background with yellow and green washes, leaving our daisy shape white.

The following week we practiced before filling our daisies in with grey shadows where necessary to define their petals and then orange and yellow wash to make their centres.

The top one is by A13, she thinks it looks like someone painted a daisy on their camouflage pants.  I don’t have all four to show you because one student was adamant that hers not be displayed this time.  I really liked it, but there was no budging her!  The ones I did in preparation have been added to my painting page.

2 thoughts on “More from my Art Class

  1. 3livingstones

    Really beautiful work. I know I keep saying this but this is another idea I feel I just have to try.

  2. xinme

    If *I* could produce work like this myself — never mind have it produced by my children — I would be thrilled! You must be an awesome teacher!


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