Today I happen to be celebrating my birthday, while half way around the world my parents are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  My birthday is actually the day before their anniversary but with the time difference we can make one phone call and cover all the congratulations and best wishes!  Last week I managed to send off a little parcel to them with cards, a drawing, a poem, a book and a dvd slideshow of pictures of our family from 1990 until now. We all contributed something and the postal service co-operated making it possible for them to open the package before they left to join my brothers’ families, their brothers and sisters, and some friends for a party on Saturday night.

The dvd slideshow was fun to put together because I started with Andrew’s and my wedding photo and then picked a few photos from each year since.   I found such cute photos of the children.  An absolute favourite of all three has to be this one:

I am very thankful for these three children, my wonderful husband and my dear parents.  I hope that Andrew and I can celebrate one day, as my parents are this weekend, a happy marriage of fifty years.

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