As I have been doing a little painting lately, I’ve decided to post my efforts here as I finish them.  The most recent will be at the top.  Hopefully they will improve as I go along.  Click on the picture and you should be able to see the actual size unless stated otherwise.  The name and date is below the painting.

Birch Trees in Autumn (lino print Oct 2011)

Pastel Boat (May 2010)

Pastel Shore (May 2010)

Tree Reflections (Pen with watercolour wash)  April 2010

Poppies:  This is my third attempt at poppies, the first two are not worth posting.  It is not exactly what I want so there will be more attempts in the future   (April 2010)

Reeds in water (March 2010)

Two Daisies (March 2010)

One Daisy (March 2010)

Partly frozen creek  (Feb 2010)

Purple snowscape  – the colour scheme on this one is also a little strange; blood stains on the snow!?  (Feb 2010)

Birches in Snow  12″x8″ (Feb 2010)

Sunset Lake – I think the colours are a little strange in this one  (Jan 2010)

11 thoughts on “Painting

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  2. ND

    We are very pleased that you have taken up the painting again, not only for the teaching of your students, but for your own pleasure.

    The decision to put up each of your works as you finish them is a brave one, but a good one. It will provide an easy opportunity for both you and your viewers to see how you are progressing and particularly to note what are the continuity threads in style and subject. For example, I see the darkening colours of autumn in your first painting has now moved to the depth of the snow drifts in the recent one. I also note that not having touched the brushes and paint for some time, you are quickly becoming familiar with it again.

    Keep it going!! It’s good!


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  6. Sally H

    Your paintings are fabulous! I love the reeds in the water and your daisies too – beautiful! I also love the the Silver Birch – perfect colours! I made some cards using silver birch stamps recently, and I think they might be my favourite trees

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