The violins played on

Last weekend we enjoyed a lot of music. The girls played their violins at three different venues and attended the necessary practices. Saturday night was the Christmas concert of Stellae Boreales and friends. This is the performance group that both girls belong to and it was a great concert. Listen to a portion here.

On Sunday the girls went one way to enjoy their friends’ Christmas musical while the boys went to our church where Andrew played bass and B6 sang with his Sunday school class. In the afternoon the Corelli players did the first of two concerts, this one at a retirement home. The Corelli players are a group the girls have been part of for six months, it was formed with the goal of presenting a Christmas program of music for strings. The culmination will be tomorrow when they present the concert again for the public and as a fundraiser for CHEO (the children’s hospital in Ottawa).

On Sunday night our church had a family music night where the girls joined up with a couple of their friends who also play violin and gave us three carols. A nice finish to a full weekend.

As it turned out it didn’t stop there, this week has been a week with more performing than practising. And that’s ok once in a while. On Thursday morning the girls played on TV, promoting the Corelli fundraiser on a local breakfast show. On Friday afternoon some friends invited them to play “O SoleMio” at the Italian Retirement Home.

2 thoughts on “The violins played on

  1. Listener

    Having attended some of the rehearsals earlier in the year, it was good to read of the ‘full-dress’ performances and to read how greatly they were appreciated.


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