We’ve been waiting

We have watched a little snow come and then disappear. We survived a green Christmas, and have had rain, rain and more rain. I checked the cross-country ski boots to see who needed a bigger size, but that was weeks ago and there was no snow so I didn’t bother to check the skis and poles. This time last week we did not need coats, let alone mitts,snowboots, toques or scarves.

But that was last week. Everyone at our house was very happy to see snow fall all day on Monday, and now it is Wednesday and it is still here. The snow forts have been started as well as a big pile in the back yard, the purpose of which is yet to be determined.
snow walk
The children and I have just returned from a walk in the wooded area behind our house. It is minus 17 degrees, but once we were in amongst the trees it was not too cold. I had forgotten how beautiful it is in winter and that it is literally just over my back fence. I asked who was going to get up and go for a walk with me in the morning, before school and two said yes.
(We will see if any of us are willing to leave our warm beds.) snow tree
We stopped at the river and then came home via the park to check on the progress of the skating rink.

It is beginning to feel like winter and we like it. I had better go and check those skis.

2 thoughts on “We’ve been waiting

  1. HD

    We were glad to see that you are able to enjoy some snow at last, although last night our TV report indicated your low temp was up to -4 again. Reading your news and seeing the photos makes me think it would be fun to visit at this time of year, but perhaps the novelty would soon wear off.
    Meanwhile, we are expecting temeratures of around +40 over the next few days with no signs of rain. So we watch the plants struggle or shrivel.

  2. Simon

    How wonderful to find the Telfords in the ether! Just yesterday, Brenda and I were driving through Waverely (first time in years) and as we passed the old Telford turnoff we both sighed. How good it would be to see you again, but this must be the next best thing!


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