We enjoy a lot of violin music in our home, both girls play violin, one has been playing for seven years and the other for six. They have progressed past the twinkles and the scratchy bow sounds and it is very pleasant to listen to. On Saturday night they performed at their postponed “Christmas Solo Recital”. They perform in this recital every year, it is for all the students in our teacher’s studio from beginners to senior students. It doesn’t seem very long ago that A10 and L12 were at the beginning of the program proudly playing Book 1 and 2 pieces. On Saturday night they were much nearer to the end of the program, A10 playing J.H. Fiocco’s “Allegro”and L12 playing the 1st movement of J.S. Bach’s 1st violin concerto in Aminor. Listen to an excerpt here.(we recorded it on an mp3 player, A10 plays first then L12)

It is hard to believe how far they have come and what they can tackle and accomplish now. They have had excellent teaching, many opportunities to perform, and wonderful experiences with other young musicians. Practising is not such a chore for them as it once was, but neither is it always easy for them to pick up their violins when the sun is shining and beckoning or a good book is calling. I am both proud and amazed at their playing and their perseverence. That is enough for now, we are off to violin lessons.

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