img_1191smallcrop.jpg I don’t think a day goes by at our house when we don’t hear one of the girls’ violin pieces. If it isn’t the girls practising it is likely that one of us will be singing or humming one of the tunes. The Suzuki method is based on learning through hearing first. When B6 was born we were listening to cd 1 &2 regularly so he listened along with us. Very early on in his life he was able to sing the songs from the repertoire in tune.

On Sunday we were able to listen to close to 100 students from Suzuki Music, the school we belong to. Once the children have mastered the first few Suzuki books in their private lessons they are given the opportunity to participate in orchestras and ensembles. L12 currently helps out in one of the first orchestras, for the members it is their first opportunity to play in an ensemble. Orchestra 2 is more advanced and it was their fundraising concert that we were attending. Each year Orchestra 2 travels to Montreal and does a couple of school concerts and some sightseeing. Last year A10 was a member of this orchestra.

Orchestra 2 had invited all the ensembles in the school to perform. The parent playing groups, the junior and senior flute ensembles, three junior orchestras and Stellae Boreales all contributed to a great program. We could see the progression possible for students in the school. Stellae Boreales, which L12 and A10 belong to is a violin choir. The standard is quite advanced and repertoire varied and exciting. Both our girls are enjoying the experience of learning and playing with the group. And we are enjoying listening.

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