Fables retold

I have been reading some of Aesop’s fables to B6. He has retold three of them in his own words, here is the first.

One day there were two children walking along the road. One of the children, whose name was Mary, found a horse and said, “I found a horse.”

The other child, Nicholas, replied, “You mean, we found a horse. When travelers find something they ought to share it.”

Mary said, “Oh no, I found this horse and now I am going to ride it.”

Just then three big men appeared, two on horses and one walking, all with drawn swords. The man on foot shouted to the children,”You thief! You thief!”

Mary, who had found the horse, turned to Nicholas and said, “Oh help, we are in trouble.”

Nicholas replied, “Oh no, you found it, you can be in trouble.”


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