Playing with fire

We returned home from a three day camping trip this evening and I can honestly say everyone in the family likes playing with fire. It isn’t just the warmth, the dancing flames or the toasting of marshmallows, it is the poking and burning things, the smoking sticks, the methyl hydrate, and the challenge of keeping it going when it wants to die.

We have not camped as a family since before Ben was born so we had buy a few items before we headed off to Bon Echo Provincial Park. As we chose our site over the internet we were pleased to find that it was in an attractive location. Finding a large flat area big enough to put our huge tent was a little tricky. We had to settle with a gentle slope that caused B6 and A11 to slide down their camping mattresses during the night. A few minutes ago as I tucked B6 into bed he agreed that he was happy to be back in his bed but he missed having everyone sleeping in the same “room”.

Bon Echo is a beautiful park with lakes to swim, boat or paddle in, hiking trails of varying length and difficulty, historical buildings and landmarks. The park contains various different types or forest and we were camped in among large maples. There was the constant sound of leaves rustling except when it was replaced by rain pouring or dripping. ( This only happened on one day lasting from late afternoon well into the night.)

Tomorrow I will post a few photos and describe some of the highlights, other than playing with fire, that is.

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