Camping pictures

I know I promised these pictures days ago, but things have got busy around here. School has started.

Our tent site was surrounded by maples, giving us shade, privacy and drips, the night after the storm. We tended to sit around the fire to eat rather than at the table. Food always tastes different when eaten outside, especially by a campfire. Most of our meals came out of cans and they were so good! Sometimes after I have been camping I buy the same canned meals again and have them for lunch at home. It’s never the same.


On our first two days it was warm enough to swim, which four of us did. We also did a cliff hike, enjoying both the view and the three turkey vultures that were circling above the cliff.


After the thunder storm the weather cleared, but the temperature dropped. It was perfect for a four hour hike through different types of forest and by the shore of a lake only accessible by the trail. B6 was a bit overwhelmed during the first hour but after that he took it all in his stride and set the pace on the return.


To just sit and do nothing but stare into the fire or off into the trees was very pleasant. Thoughts of the unfinished tasks at home did flit through my mind at times but I banished them. Watching the three children create their own entertainment was both satisfying and amusing. One night we sang around the camp fire and realised that half of the campfire songs we were singing had exactly the same tune. Another night the children played charades. One of the funniest times of the trip happened as we sat in the tent by candle light while it rained outside. Unfortunately Andrew missed the nonsense as he was already asleep. We had played cards but it became too dark so I pretended I had a radio show and interviewed each child in turn. Then A11 and B6 each hosted their own show. L13 did not host, as she realised it was more fun to be interviewed and do most of the talking! I guess you had to be there but it was a laugh.

img_3413crop.jpgHow nice to be just the five of us for a few days before all the lessons, rehearsals, schedules and commitments pull us to and fro once again. We were happy to get back to our big comfy beds but I could have easily sat by the fire for a few nights more. It was good to see friends again but to have days where I could relax in the exclusive company of my family was sweet.


1 thought on “Camping pictures

  1. Elizabeth Carty

    I enjoyed your photos of Bon Echo. We were there a couple of years ago and have lots of memories of the hikes, campfires, swimming … If you ever want to borrow a canoe we have one in our backyard waiting for canoeists.


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